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Vocal Production [Berlin]

Vocal Production [Berlin]

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Learn the essential tools to record and produce a commercial-sounding vocal track from an industry pro

Level: Intermediate
Location Köpenicker Str. 6A, 10997 Berlin

Vocal production is one of the most intricate art forms to master in music production, with many undocumented practices that vocal producers have acquired over years of honing their craft. In this comprehensive 12-session course you will learn the essential tools to creating a successful vocal production, as well as many of the hidden tips and tricks only experienced vocal producers have learnt over their years of experience in the industry. If you are looking to get your vocals to stand out and be commercially competitive, then this course is for you. In this course we will cover:
  • Vocal recording equipment: mics + pre-amps
  • Acoustics and room treatment
  • Levels and gain-staging
  • Coaching a vocalist
  • Pre-mixng: pitch correction, time adjustment, de-essing, and plosives
  • Effects processing and coloration: EQ, compression, reverb, delay, saturation
  • Doubling and stacking the lead
  • Harmonies and backing vocals
  • Mixing, sends + returns
  • Producing in different genres: pop, rap, club

Learn from Berlin’s most accomplished instructors and artists:
  • More Ableton Certified Trainers than any school worldwide
  • Real-time instruction, student questions, and feedback
  • Intimate class sizes (roughly 5 students) ensuring maximum student/instructor interaction
  • Motivation and inspiration from experienced instructors with real industry success
  • Online community forums to ask questions outside of the classroom and meet peers and collaborate
  • Daily free community events
  • 40% discount on Ableton Live and 20% discount on Ableton Push